Insurance for Real Estate & Valuation Professionals

Australian’s love property. It’s where we live, work & play. It’s also a topic of national conversation dominating the media and barbecue chatter. Real estate agents play an important role in that, they help people buy, sell, rent, or manage property – commercial and residential. People rely on their advice and expertise.

Why do Real Estate Agents & Valuers need Insurance?

For many people and businesses, buying or selling real estate is one of the largest financial transactions they will ever make. They look to real estate agents to guide them, and it gets complicated with a property market in flux, emotional investment in properties and the complex financial & legal documents involved. Anyone of those things could trip you up – even by accident or oversight. In that case, clients might suffer a financial loss, and want to sue, and if you are uninsured, that could cost you your business. If you are a director, even your home.


Protecting your business

The key insurances you should consider.

You are in the advice business. If you make a mistake, or things don’t go just don’t go to plan, your clients could suffer a financial loss. In which case you would be exposed to a legal claim in negligence.

Professional Indemnity Insurance protects you from those claims.

It is also mandatory for real estate agents in most states, and for membership of some professional bodies.

As well as running a business, you also hold sensitive client information. If you are a property manager, you look after people’s money.

If your business was hacked or customer data was accidentally exposed, you could face large costs to fix it all and be at risk of facing legal action. Consider all the data you hold for your properties that you manage or the owners of the property you sell.

Cyber Insurance covers you for losses you or a third-party might incur as a result of a cyber-attack. It also covers privacy breaches if anyone from your business accidentally exposes customer data.

If you employ people you need Workers Compensation Insurance. It’s a compulsory legal requirement. It protects employers from financial costs when a worker sustains a work-related injury or disease.

Employers must provide workers’ compensation for anyone they employ that the legislation defines as a ‘worker’.

Western Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania are all underwritten direct by insurers. Victoria is managed by Worksafe and underwritten by insurers, and New South Wales and Queensland are underwritten by the State Governments. We can assist you to organise this insurance for your business.

If you have business premises to which members of the public come into, then this is a must have.

During daily business activities accidents and mistakes can happen. If they cause injury, losses, and damage your business is potentially liable.

Public Liability Insurance protects your business for any damages that arise during everyday business activities. Whether to people or property. Consider the loss of a board of keys for properties that you manage and having to rekey all the properties to ensure that they are safe.

Quite simply it is a must have for any business operating in a public space.

A vehicle is an essential tool of the trade for most real estate agents. Travelling across town to conduct property valuations, home open inspections, and meeting with prospective clients would be too hard using public transport.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance covers your business for any damages to the vehicles you use, or any damages they cause to people or property.

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