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Insurance Brokers

Our Promise

To provide you with the insurance and risk solutions that gives you the best protection for your business and life.

Our Client Charter

  • We manage the insurer on your behalf.

  • To manage your policies efficiently, we create a common renewal date. You only review your insurance protection once a year (unless circumstances change).

  • We will review your policy before each renewal, making sure you get the best cover at the best price.

  • Your claims are our priority:

    • We aim to resolve them as fast as possible so you can have the money in your back pocket, fast.
    • We make sure your claim is resolved to the fullest extent of the cover and not leave anything behind.
  • We aim to respond to any request for information or change you want made within 24 hours.

  • Your insurance broker will be professional, qualified, and experienced to handle your enquiry and situation.

  • We comply with the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice which aims to build professional competence in the broking profession and increase consumer confidence in insurance brokers. For more information on the Code of Practice, click here.

Our Commitment

  • Advice

    so you know where your risks and liabilities are; how you can be best protected and that you can make informed decisions about risks.

  • Product Expertise

    the products best suited to give you the protection and cover you want.

  • Trusted Relationships

    we build long-term partnerships with our clients. As business owners too, we relate to and understand your challenges.

  • We Care

    “take care of your customers and they will take care of you”, a simple truth that sits at the heart of what we do. You are part of our community.

  • Your Advocate

    when it comes to claims time we are in your corner, fighting for you. We play to win and it’s proven brokers get 9% more on average from a claim than going to a direct insurer.

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