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At Oracle Group Australia, we're ready to help make sure you have the right answers for your insurance, so you're in control of your landlord policy.

On the surface, landlord insurance looks like an easy purchase for residential landlords, but they can be quickly undone by technicalities when a claim arises. The needs for a Apartment  differ to the needs of a building owner, but both should be aware of risks, both internal, such as drug contamination and pet damage, and external, such as the potential for fire or flood damage in at-risk areas.

So, if you’re leasing a property, you need the right cover for your unique situation at a competitive price. Cover that’s right and relevant for today (not 5 years ago).

We’re a team of accredited insurance brokers and risk managers who work purely for our clients, not the insurers. We offer specialised advice and insurance know-how, backed by years of quality industry experience year-round because we believe insurance isn’t a set-and-forget task.

Our team aren’t driven by deals or stats or fancy extras – we place just one thing at the heart of all we do: you. We focus on end-to-end insurance and how a policy fits with your life.

We’ll help you get proactive about your insurance while offering peace of mind:

There are no hidden costs or fees from working with our team of brokers, just genuine advice and one-to-one service – you’ll never be just a policy number to us

Our experienced, accredited insurance brokers offer residential landlords’ advice and cover for: 

When it’s time to rethink your protection, it’s time to talk to Oracle Group.

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